About us

What do we do?

Since 2004, the DANHAG team develops individual and vehicle-specific solutions to switch the parking heater by APP, SMS and Call.

Aren't there already some solutions available? Of course, but usually  the manufacurer does not offer a solution for all cars and models. So this is the challenge for us.

What is unique about DANHAG products?

We offer high quality products and innovative solutions for your car. We make your ideas a reality and can manufacture even small  series. We test every single device before shipping and we are proud that our products are working long beyond the guarantee. Our friendly and competent team is familiar with all products and will help you right away.  It saves time, money and nerves, whether you are installation partner, distributor or customer.

Where do we manufacturer?

We do not only label our products „Made in Germany“, we really manufacturing there. Research, development, manufacturing and distribution are situated in berlin.

And the environment

We do not use fancy retail boxes, unnecessary filling material and secondary packaging. Our users guide are available in different languages where we will ship only the necessary one.