DANHAG W-BUS converter v4x

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With our w-bus converter, you can switch almost every data-bus controlled heater (CAN-Bus,... more
"DANHAG W-BUS converter v4x"

With our w-bus converter, you can switch almost every data-bus controlled heater (CAN-Bus, W-Bus, E-Bus) with a simple +12v signal. This allowes you to use an existing auxiliary heater as parking heater or older remote controls with newer heaters.

Already successfully  tested with the following auxiliary- and parking heaters:

  •     Thermo Top V
  •     Thermo Top C, Z, T
  •     Thermo Top EVO
  •     Airtop 2000 St
  •     Airtop 3500 St


Use the auxiliary heater as parking heater

To use an existing auxiliary heater as parking heater, just connect the w-bus converter to the w-bus pin of the heater and select the proper data protocol.


Does my car has an auxiliary heater ?

Please refer to the rubrik "Auxiliary heater upgrade" where you will find further information.

You can upgarde the auxiliary heater using our APP-control  W-BUS or the W-BUS converter. If you just want to switch on the heater by a simple switch, the W-BUS converter will be the right choice.


  •     input for ignition
  •     input for external switch
  •     switch on delay for heater blower
  •     integrated IPCU-module
  •     start repetition


Switch on delay

You can select a switch-on delay for output 2 and the IPCU-signal to activate the heater blower 5 minutes after the heater has been started.

Start repetition

Some heater have limited the maximum heating time to about 255 minutes internally. If you select "start repetition", the W-BUS converter will switch off the heater after about 55 minutes and restarts the heater again.



Vehicles equipped with an automatic climate control are using an electronic PWM signal (IPCU) to control the heater blower speed. The W-BUS converter has an IPCU-module integrated which delivers an IPCU signal for the most common vehicles.


Technical data

  •     supply voltage: 10 - 15VDC
  •     current consumption: Standby <10mA
  •     output 1: W-BUS
  •     output 2: +12V, max. 1A
  •     IPCU output: 12V, 30%
  •     temperature range: -30°C bis 80°C
  •     dimensions: 63x60x22mm (LxWxH)


Scope of delivery

  •     danhag W-BUS converter
  •     universal connection cord
  •     users manual