Notes on our products

By completing your order you confirm that you have read and fully understood the following information. 

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly developing their vehicles and making changes as part of model upgrades. In addition, vehicles are available in countless variants and equipment and sometimes already retrofitted with additional accessories such as immobilizer, alarm system, additional battery, etc..

We do not have the possibility to test our devices in all vehicles or equipment variants.

Therefore it can happen that the devices offered by us in some vehicle models or versions do not work as intended and / or cause error entries. In this case we will of course take the device back. A reimbursement of possibly incurred costs for troubleshooting, installation, etc. we do not assume. If error entries and / or malfunctions occur after installation of our control, please contact us BEFORE commissioning a repair and / or troubleshooting. Often a malfunction is caused by a faulty installation or a wrong configuration. In this case we can help fast and uncomplicated. We refuse to assume the costs for a troubleshooting / repair that has not been agreed with us. We will only assume the costs if we have agreed to this in writing beforehand.

Installation partner

The "installation partners" listed on our website are independent workshops which have no contractual relationship with us and act on their own account. Liability for work not carried out by us, DANHAG-Ing. Büro Gornicki, is excluded. The liability and warranty conditions of the workshop commissioned by you, please refer to their terms and conditions.

Quiescent current consumption

Like any electrical device, our control unit also requires power for operation. The power is supplied by the battery of the vehicle, i.e. the control unit is an additional consumer and discharges the battery. Please take the APP control out of operation if the vehicle is not moved for a longer period of time (from approx. 2 weeks) to prevent a deep discharge of the battery. The current consumption of the APP control is mainly dependent on the mobile phone reception at the location of the vehicle. Poor reception, e.g. in an underground garage and / or a defective / deactivated SIM card lead to the controller not switching to standby mode and thus to a significantly higher power consumption.

Note: Some of the controllers do not have voltage monitoring / deep discharge protection.