Upgrade auxiliary heater - VW Crafter II

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Installation - complex

Auxiliary heater upgrade VW crafter II, Grand california, MAN TGE. Use the already existing... more
"Upgrade auxiliary heater - VW Crafter II"

Auxiliary heater upgrade VW crafter II, Grand california, MAN TGE. Use the already existing auxiliary heater as parking heater.

Suitable for the following vehicles with fuel-driven heater:

  • VW Crafter II (ab 03.2017) - Climatic
  • VW Crafter II (ab 03.2017) - Climatronic
  • VW Grand California - Climatic
  • VW Grand California - Climatronic
  • MAN TGE - Climatic
  • MAN TGE - Climatronic



You can convert the auxiliary heater of your car to a full functional parking heater using our upgrade-kit.
We are using our "CAN-Gateway" which is connected plug&play the the vehicles original can-gateway via a y-cable.
You don't have to cut any wires or do some software updates.


My car already has an air heater 

It can still be useful to upgrade the auxiliary heater:

The Airheater mainly heats the interior space of the vehicle but not the coolant or engine.
The outlets for the warm air re located at the rear part of the vehicle so it takes some time to defrost the windscreen. 


Heater blower control

To switch on the heater blower during parking heater we just use our "smart-switch". This module is connected to the original climate control. 


Operating device

After upgrading the auxiliaey heater, you can switch on / off the heater with an analog +12v signal.
So basically you can just use a simple switch. If you choose an other operating device during your order, the respective connection cord will be included into delivers.



If you choos "app-control", our latest app-control with LTE will be included into delivery.
This version already supports 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) mobile networks.


advantages compares to other solutions

  • there are no complicated modifications of the original wiring necessary
  • no software updates, the system works "out of the box"
  • very suitable for leased vehicles as the upgrade-kit can easily be removed

tecnical data

  • voltage supply: 10 - 15VDC
  • power consumption: standby <10mA
  • dimensions: 63x60x22 (LxBxH) 


scope of delivery

  • CAN gateway T6.x 
  • "smart-switch" 
  • y-cable
  • wiring harness
  • users guide (online for download)
  • connection cord for your operating device


please note

using the upgraded auxiliary heater as  parking heating can cause some error entries at the control units. 
These are mainly caused as the car officially doesn't have a water heater installed but the coolant temperatur rises during parking heating.
Further more, the auxiliary heater consumes some energy from the battery which can be interpreted as leakege current.

 Zitat aus der Webasto Aufrüstdokumentation für Wasserheizgerät Thermo Top Evo (OE) VW T6.1
"Während des Standheizbetriebs werden Bauteile der fzg.eigenen Klimatisierung aktiviert. Andere Fahrzeugkomponenten bleiben inaktiv, was unter Umständen als Fehler interpretiert und als dementsprechender Hinweis im Ereignisspeicher abgelegt werden kann. Auch ein erhöhter Stromverbrauch (Ruhestrom) kann bei einigen Fahrzeugen angezeigt werden. Wenn ein fehlerhafter Einbau ausgeschlossen werden kann, beziehen sich diese Einträge ausschließlich auf die Situation im Standheizbetrieb und haben keine Auswirkung auf die Funktionen des Fahrzeugs im Fahrbetrieb."


Does my vehicle has an auxiliary heater?

If you vehicle aready has an auxiliay heater installed, there will be a type-plate at the left B-pillar.




Upgrade auxiliary heater - VW T6.1 Upgrade auxiliary heater - VW T6.1
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