MB Vito 2003 - 2014 (W639) - APP-control for parking heater

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Control the parking heater with your smartphone by APP , SMS and Call . Supports the... more
"MB Vito 2003 - 2014 (W639) - APP-control for parking heater"

Control the parking heater with your smartphone by APP, SMS and Call.

Supports the following vehicles with factory installed parking heater or auxiliary heater and "heating switch" at the dashboard:

  • Mercedes Vito 2003 - 2014  (W639)



The APP-control is connected directly to the "heating switch" at the dashboard.




  • switch by APP, SMS and Call
  • 5 authorized numbers
  • 24h timerfunction
  • input for external switch or pushbutton
  • alarminput
  • input for external temperature sensor
  • GPS-positioning  (optional)
  • external temp. sensor (optional)


Network coverage

Future-proof due to 4G (LTE) technology.

Our new APP-control v11x supports not only the 4G (LTE) standard but still 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) mobile networks.
This way we can achieve the best possible reachability and functionality in all current european mobile phone networks.

Switzerland is about the shutdown the 2G (GSM) mobile network until the end of 2020. Devices which support the 2G standard only are not functional anymore.
The date for shutting down the 2G network in germany is not yet known.



The APP-control supports an external GPS-receiver which can be connected to the aux-socket at the back of the module. If the ignition is switched on the position is determined about every 1 second and can be queried via SMS. If the ignition is switched off, the GSP-receiver is activated to determine the position only. You will get a SMS containing the coordinates of the car as well as a link to "google maps" which shows the current position on the map.



You can connect an already existing alarmsystem to the APP-control. You will be informed via SMS and call as soon as the alarm is triggered.

The alarmsystem must output a +12v signal when triggered. For further information please have a look at our "installation guide" on this webpage.



The parking heater can only controlled via "authorized numbers". You can configure these numbers simply by SMS. The integrated GSM-module has a temperature range from -30°C up to 80°C to ensure proper function at all conditions.


APP, SMS, Call

You can control the parking heater by APP, SMS, or Call. Switching the heater by call is free of charge as there is no connection established. Switching the heater by SMS can cause additional costs, depending on your mobile provider. APP’s are sending SMS in the background, so there could arise additional costs too.

The APP-control requires a SIM-card wich is not included into delivery. You can use every SIM-card which supports sms and call e.g. prepaid card.


Technical data

  • voltage supply: 10 - 15VDC
  • current consumption: standby <10mA, login: briefly 2A
  • antenna connection: internal antenna
  • SIM-card: nano-SIM
  • temperature range: -30°C bis 80°C
  • GSM-module: 4G (LTE), 3G (UMTS), 2G (GSM)
  • dimensions: 63x60x22mm (LxWxH)


Scope of delivery

  • danhag APP-control
  • vehicle specific connection cord
  • users manual
  • GPS-receiver *

*  if you select "with GPS"  the GPS-receiver will be included into delivery .

Installation The APP-control is connected to the "heating switch" and the the power supply.... mehr


The APP-control is connected to the "heating switch" and the the power supply.
The connection and configuration depends on the modell of the APP-control.


We still have no installation guide for the vito w696. As the installation into to sprinter w906 is quite the same, we will show this installation instead.




Dismounting the switch

  1. Remove the dummy-cap next to the switch.
  2. We recommend to use a plastic hook as shown at the picture.
  3. "pull out" the switch using the plastic hook.
  4. The APP-control is connected to the purple/black and purple/green wire of the switch.


electrical connecion

  • purple wire APP-control --> PIN7 (purple/black) switch
  • yellow wire APP-control --> PIN9 (purple/green) switch
  • brown wire APP-control --> vehicle ground 
  • red wire APP-control     --> power supply +12V (KL30 battery, fuse with 5 ampere)


Note: The yellow wire of the APP-control must not be connected before version BASIC v10.16x-MB !



Since Version BASIC v10.16x-MB

The APP-control recognizes the current state of the heater by reading the LED of the switch.

  • LED ON --> heater is switched on
  • LED OFF --> heater is switched off

This status is also shown a the "INFO-SMS". You can configure a run-time for the heater as you like.

Note: The maximum heating-time is limited by the heater itself. The heater will shut down after this time, regardless of the configured run-time.




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